Welcome to your therapist for more health and more quality of life!


I have been in private practice since 2004 and can therefore offer you a wealth of experience.
I specialise in osteopathy, pain therapy and homeopathy and treat patients of all ages, from newborns to seniors, and offer pregnancy support.


The aim of my holistic therapy concept is to grasp the patient in all his or her facets in order to treat the actual cause of the illness, as this is the only way to provide lasting relief from the symptoms. In most cases, such profound treatment quickly leads to a higher level of health and quality of life, because "When all parts of the human body are in harmony, we have perfect health."    (Andrew Taylor Still, founder of osteopathy).


Of course, I have the qualifications for statutory and private health insurances to subsidise my osteopathic treatment, according to your personal insurance contract.


Most health insurances cover at least part of the osteopathic treatment costs by the Heilpraktiker. Please enquire with your health insurance company before your first appointment whether and how much will be reimbursed and whether you may need a private prescription, a "Privatrezept". This "Privatrezept" can be issued by any doctor, such as a general practitioner, orthopaedist, dentist, gynaecologist, etc.


A therapy session usually lasts 60 minutes and costs - for Munich very reasonable - 110 €.


Please bring all findings and doctor's letters with you to your first treatment, if you have them.

Thank you very much!


I am looking forward to welcoming you in my practice soon!
Yours, Dr. phil. Doris E. Geist


NB: Please note that the entrance of Knöbelstraße 6a is at the street side of the building (so do not enter the backyard!) and please ring at „Praxisgemeinschaft“.